Imagine, you want to send a hand-written letter to one of your friends. Of course, drafting starts with simply writing the letter but it requires lots of effort in-between to send it to the right destination.

It includes three major process

  1. Collecting the letter and validating both the addresses.
  2. Filtering and distributing the letter as per the pin-code
  3. Sending the letter by finding the exact location such as the house number.
  4. In case, the address is wrong, reverting the letter to the sender.

ZUJONOW Student Ambassador Program
ZUJONOW Student Ambassador Program
  • ZujoNow Student Ambassador Program is an amazing community of passionate, energetic, and brilliant students, who aim to become the next-gen innovators. We welcome these future captains to become a part of the ZujoNow Family. Our idea is to bring forth these curative mindsets and make them taste the idea of working on their project under the guidance of Zujonow.
  • These ambassadors will be selected based on only one intention i.e., ENTHUSIASM FOR LEARNING. …

Zujo student ambassarod program
Zujo student ambassarod program

Zujo Student Ambassador Program is an amazing community of passionate, energetic and brilliant students who will be part of our Zujo family.

Ambassador will be selected for our training programs on cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, blockchain, IoT, 5g, modern web development, webRTC and many more.

Zujo Student Ambassador Program is the fastest growing program in India. Our Ambassadors are representatives and leaders who are enthusiastic about learning real-time communication, machine learning, deep learning, web app, IoT, blockchain etc.

Zujo Student Ambassadors are a group of community who are trying to fill the gap between academic knowledge…

Next Js 101 tutorial for beginners

In the last couple of months, we had tried lots of things to convey video creators, educators and artists to join Zujo app. But, We did not get people we wanted to drive the community.

Last week, I thought to create one course by myself and live the life of the creator. I thought that by doing this practice, I will understand the mindset of an educator. I will be able to put my foot in their shoes.

So I started searching on the topic of the course, first thought about Node JS then realised that many courses are available…

Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

It always been hard choice to shoot a story video as a beginner. I had published my first video and trust me it was shit. I had learned so many things in last couple of months. At Zujo, We are dealing with shooting videos on daily basis and it is necessary to have a guideline.

Start With a Story

Planning ahead will save you time and headaches when it comes to editing. Write a paragraph (often called a “treatment”) that describes the story, setting, characters, and how you’re going to tell it. Then come up with a shot list of scenes or images you…

Do you just tired of doing manual stuff? Does your friends are watching some sci-fi movies and are you stuck with downloading images for your next project? If everything above asked has a positive direction. You are at the right place!

If you just want to explore the code, follow git repo web-scrapper-python otherwise, go ahead!

The Deep Learning has become the most promising method for solving real-world problems. It is the most revolutionized innovation for machine learning problems.

The Deep Learning Algorithms have been working so well and need lots of data. The large-scale annotated datasets have been explored…

“I like solitude. It is when you truly hear and speak your natural, unadulterated mind, and outcomes your most stupid self as well as your most intelligent self. It is when you realize who you are and the extents of the good and the evils which you are capable of.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy

The Human’s are evolved about 2.3 to 2.4 million years ago. Since the 18th century, Scientists thought the great apes to be closely related to human beings. In the 19th century, They speculated that closest living relatives of humans were either chimpanzees or gorillas.

Do you…

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ― Confucius

When I had started to learn about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks, It was like finding a beam of light in a complete dark hole but you know the science of the black hole. It is a region in space in which the singularity’s gravitational force is so strong that not even light can escape its pull.

So I was in completely wrong directions rather than finding light, I need to look at Singularity’s Gravitational. …

“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” ― Sylvia Plath

Today’s article is all about managing yourself and follows that long-term goal sheet flows through our mind every day but still needs to move from paper to production.


Sometimes we are too much worried about work, family, and relations while we forgot to explore our self. I have been working on my productivity during the last six months and I found a concept that made me more productive than ever.

Before these six months, I was the dump. I even…

In last couple decades Artificial Intelligence had made a great progress to solve day to day problems. We even didn’t knew how much AI used in our daily life. It is just everywhere finding a product from Amazon, searching something on Google even tagging your buddy on Facebook.

But what kind of work, Scientists are doing over the last couple of decades and many of them trying to replicate Human Brain! How? With the help of deep learnings and neural network which behaves like human brain. How exactly Deep Learning and Neural Network works? Lets take a closer look.

Road Map


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Founder at Zujo |

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